1 Most organizations around the world today use the team


Most organizations around the world today use the team as the primary work unit. Much research has been dedicated to teams, with more recent research focused on virtual teams.

Additionally, within SIOP there are jobs for doing research as an I/O Psychologist, and even research awards for dissertation work.

For this discussion, find one dissertation in the Capella library on teams or virtual teams and complete the following:

  • Read Chapters 1, 4 and 5 of the dissertation, then:
    • Identify the problem the dissertation addressed.
    • Discuss three key findings about teams from the dissertation study.
    • List at least one idea from the dissertation that could be useful to you when consulting for a team or working on a team.



Leonard and Coltea (2013) report that 70 percent of organizational change initiatives fail to achieve the desired results. In Chapter 14, “Resistance to Change,” of your textbook, Landy and Conte identify barriers to change and suggest ways to overcome them.

  • Describe why you think organizations fail to achieve the desired results from change initiatives.
  • Identify what is needed to meet change goals.

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