Answer ONE (1) of the following questions Question #1: Given

Answer ONE (1) of the following questions

Question #1: Given your reading in Gallagher, Laver, and Mair, do you think that politicians in general are office seeking or policy oriented? Might a particular type of electoral system encourage one type of strategy versus another? Justify your choice.

Question #2: Imagine that you are the leader of a party who has won enough seats to be a player in negotiations over cabinet positions. Which portfolio would you want to hold, and why? What factors would affect the likelihood of obtaining your wish?

Question #3: What factors affect government stability in European countries? Why might a cabinet resign? What happens next?

The same standards (3-4 paragraph posts, attention to grammar, critical analysis rather than recitation of materials) 

Chapter 12 in Gallagher Laver and Mair

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