Please respond directly to the below classmate post. Minimum of


Please respond directly to the below classmate post. Minimum of 100 words. 

Most of us believe that air pollution occurs only outside. However, it has been demonstrated that a significant portion of the harmful and damaging compounds found outdoors are also prevalent within. Whether in a car, at home, or at work, air-polluting elements are present and can have a negative influence on our health if the air quality is not maintained to the appropriate level. Aerosol sprays, dusty furniture, scented candles, pet dander, dust mites, and air fresheners are just a few of the contributors to indoor air pollution. The good news is that indoor air pollution is relatively controlled if the inside environment is kept clean and pollutant-free. Some ways that I can eliminate air pollution at home is by using polishes and hair sprays in well-ventilated areas. Also making sure my gas stove is well ventilated. I am not a smoker, but for my family/friends that do smoke, I would ask them to do so outside. Minimizing clutter is another way to avoid indoor pollution since clutter accumulates dust that carries bacteria, mold, mites, and fungi. Lastly, I would reduce indoor chemical use. For example, if I wanted to spray paint something, I would do this in my garage, with the garage door open for ventilation.   

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