3 pages Due 6hrs Cite the book given only Q.1.

3 pages

Due 6hrs

Cite the book given only

  Q.1. Systematically explain the 3-Box model of memory – by Atkinson and Shiffrin. 

The 3 – Box Model of Memory:

  The 3- Box Model of Memory – Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrin

 * Sensory Memory – ‘Iconic” Memory, “Echoic” Memory.

     * Short- term memory –  George Miller’s “The Magical number 7, plus or minus 2. The Serial Position Effect.

     * Long-term memory –a) Declarative – Semantic Memory and Episodic Memory. b) Procedural Memory.

   Q.2. How would you explain the different Theories of Forgetting? 

Forgetting :

1. The Decay Theories.

2. New memories for old –  Elizabeth Loftus.

3. Interference Theories – Retroactive and Proactive Interference.

4. Motivated Forgetting – Sigmund Freud.

5. Cue-dependent Forgetting.

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