To prepare: • Read the Fullan (2016) chapters for this

To prepare:

• Read the Fullan (2016) chapters for this module, noting the drivers that contribute to successful change and those elements that undermine it. Think about the educational and community changes you and the task force are envisioning for Grand City and how you might collaborate to implement these changes.

• Read the Reed (2015) and Chenoweth (2015) articles. Think about the insights you could draw from the authors’ experiences with and thoughts on change. How might you apply your insights to plans for change for your specialization in Grand City?

• Review the Grand City data and the target list of areas needing improvement or change you developed from the perspective of your specialization in Module 1. Consider the specific issues you believe are the most significant and the steps you might take to address those issues. How might the data inform your decisions with regards to identifying issues and your plan for educational change if you were representing your specialization on the Grand City task force?

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