I know that many people are concerned about financial app

 I know that many people are concerned about financial app tracking, so I decided to explain the specifics and purpose of tracking with the example of IPSIPay. IPSIPay® uses app tracking and data collection:

 1) Directly from you when you provide it to us or with your consent, e.g., when you create an account with us. 

2) Automatically as you navigate through IPSIPay®, including Internet and network activity and geolocation data. We also use cookies to enhance customer experience: 

1) track your visits and source; 

2) track web pages viewed; 

3) store your preferences, such as preferred language (if applicable); 

4) gather statistics on the number of users, the location of users, and usage habits or patterns; 

5) tailor yourIPSIPay® experience and advertisements, or 6) analyze parts of IPSIPay® in order to improve its speed, functionality, or performance. 

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