Behavorism SKinner, Pavlov

Description In this assignment, you will create a 3 page essay (5 pages including the Cover page and Reference page) in APA style, using the following criteria: (Assignment is a total of 45 points) 1. Define your career/life goals. (5 points) To become a Clinical Pschologist 2. Do some research: (30 points) Choose and describe a theory from the course that interested you most. Discuss how this theory helped you better understand something about yourself. Reflect on and personalize the concepts learned and apply it to a real life situation. Do a little research on this theory and provide at least one additional fact that you learned outside of the OpenStax textbook. Cite your sources, including any additional facts you use from the OpenStax textbook. 3. Explain how this theory will help you better understand and work with people in your chosen career field and/or life in general.

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