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The poetry comparative is going to between Dover Beach by Matthew Beach, and Black Boys Play the Classics by Toi Derricotte . below is the assignment that is due later of the month. Poetry Comparative Essay Assignment Sheet Background: As Arguing about Literature informs us, it is particularly useful to use comparison and contrast strategies when writing about literature. Comparing two works can help us gain deeper insight about both texts, especially helpful when we study poetry. Poems may approach similar subject matter from completely different perspectives, or they may use similar literary techniques to address different experiences. In the case of two poems published in different time periods (1800s and 2000s, for example), comparison and contrast can help us better understand how poets of multiple eras approached common human experiences such as love, death, or justice. Purpose and Topic: The purpose of this assignment is for you to compare and contrast two poems that share some particular commonalities. You will choose two poems from Arguing about Literature and develop a central claim, or thesis, that addresses an aspect of both poems. One poem will be chosen from the course schedule, and the other must be a poem from our textbook that is not assigned in this class. (You could address the subject matter or the literary techniques in each poem.) Your essay should thoroughly develop and support your thesis statement. 

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