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Process Recording Project Guidelines: Choose a classmate(s) o work with and create a scenario between a nurse and a client. The scenario does not have to be about a client in a mental health setting. Video tape yourselves acting out the scenario. Once you have the videotape, write a transcript of 5 minutes of the scenario using the format of a process recording on page 159 of your textbook. Include nurse verbal and the non-verbal in parentheses, the client verbal (nonverbal), nurse’s thoughts and feelings concerning the interaction, analysis of the interaction (therapeutic and non-therapeutic) with a rationale. Include at least communication techniques in your analysis, (i.e. probing, defending, clarifying). Tough this is a group project, each student will turn in their own analysis of the taping. I do not need a copy of the video. The final paper should have a title page and reference page in APA format and the only content required is the formatted process recording. Rubric: 25 pts. Appropriate verbal and nonverbal of nurse/client interaction 40 pts. Nurse Thoughts and feelings of interactions 25 pts. Analysis of interaction including 3 techniques 10 pts. APA Format and grammar instead of recording myself I’m using this video

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