Single Payer System: Implications for your Hospital

 You are an intern for the CEO of a local single hospital. The CEO is really interested in the implications of a single payer system or Medicare for All and how that would impact the hospital. The CEO wants to understand how the single payer system will impact staffing (clinical, billing, and support), healthcare utilization, and reimbursement. You and the CEO realize that there will be benefits, challenges, and hardships associated with this change for your hospital. You also understand this will have a profound impact upon your hospital’s bottom line ($$$). You decide to write an executive brief based upon five articles you found to summarize the estimated impact on staffing (clinical, billing, and support), healthcare utilization, and reimbursement for the CEO. Background Materials: 2) Single Payer System: Implications for your Hospital Study: Medicare for All projected to cost $32.6 trillion (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. How Medicare for All would Affect You (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Who will win and lose in the single payer system (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Single-Payer Health Care: Opportunities and Vulnerabilities (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. How Single Payer Stacks Up (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Instructions Please choose the one scenario/topic that interests you the most. Then read all the background information to craft your brief. If there is a broken link, please try the UCF library or to find the document Your brief will include four main sections and be exactly 1 page long (anything over 1 page will not be read): 1. The issue. In this section, you will include a concise description of the economic issue and why your boss at your internship needs to know the information you’ll be providing. 2. The background. In this section you will include information about the origin and background of the economic issue. The section sets the context for the information in the memo. 3. The discussion. In this section you will discuss the economic issue and describe the implications for your internship location and present your recommendations for next steps. Bullet points may be used here, but make sure they are appropriate for the context. 4. The references. Please put in APA format and cite in the document properly per the APA guide in the module. Additional Instructions: Make sure you write professionally. Check out the common writing mistakes guidance in the module. Do not use contractions (don’t like, can’t decide, isn’t a good idea) Single spaced Do not write in the first person (for example: I wanted to write this brief, I think it is a good idea to, etc…). All references must be in APA format. The format is included in the module. Read and cite (use!) all the background materials you are given. You will need to synthesize the literature (using your brain!). Make sure you include at least 5 vocabulary words from the book in your brief Use the template provided in the module. The total length should be 1 single-spaced page including single-spaced references per the template. Do not quote. There is very rarely a need to quote anything in professional writing. Instead, please synthesize the information and cite the references. Copying and pasting is considered plagiarism.

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