White Collar Crimes: Mortgage Fraud

This assignment can be considered as a brief proposal used to describe your research questions, objectives, literature review and discussions. The project will be prepared in a substantive area of your choice, and must have a theme related directly to a comparative study of crime, criminal justice, or a foreign nation. In this assignment, you will write 4 sections of paragraphs: 1. Statement of Interest (including nature of the problem, research questions, and objectives of the study), 2. Methodology (describing your online search process, databases/keywords used, and search results), 3. Literature Reviews (a review of at least three references), 4. Conclusion and list of references at the end. The research plan should adopt these four required subheadings of sections to organize writing of the paper. Use academic references for research and is suggested to limit the search to scholarly articles published in the last 10 years. Make every effort to locate those journal articles which contain scholarly features such as literature review, theory and hypothesis, sampling and methodological procedures, data analysis, discussions of findings, and policy implications. The paper should be written in APA (American Psychological Association) style.

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