Measuring the Talent Management Function

Many organizations that use metrics to measure the success of their talent management function continuously outperform their competition (Pace, 2010). Nevertheless, many organizations still do not have metrics in place for measuring the initiatives’ success (Pace, 2010). Metrics give HR professionals and stakeholders the confidence in their talent management function by depicting the overall performance and enabling them to see when changes are necessary. Suppose you have been asked by an organization what the best metrics are for determining the success of a talent management function. With this in mind, respond to the following in a 1- to 2-page paper: Identify five metrics that you would include in measuring the success of an organization’s talent management function. Analyze each metric to determine its application and relevance for success. Would you assign an equal weight to the metrics you chose, or would you assign different weights? Why? If you would assign different weights, how would you weight them and why?

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