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The issue that we defined should be only happen for Nestle company (that means no general issue such as climate change cause cost increase). Also, connect the issue with the interal (eg. how Nestle company’s internal cause the issue) Description from porfessor: This section will require you to identify a possible problem, issue, challenge that your organization is facing. If your organization is a publicly traded company, you’ll be able to look online for various problems/challenges facing the company (declining stock prices, market share, lack of growth, changes in the ext environment, etc). If you cannot locate any issues online, you may need to contact someone at the organization directly to identify a possible problem/issue facing your organization. Provide a reference(s) and citations to explain where you obtained this information. The problem definition identifies the structural/OD issue related to your organization. Some examples of possible issues too little or too much formalization, specialization, or centralization, poor boundary spanning, poor horizontal linkages, strategy/structure misalignment, resource dependency, structure doesn’t support align with the culture or mission of organization, inability to successfully revitalize its operations.

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