Effective use of social media: It’s benefits and pitfalls in

 Effective use of social media: It’s benefits and pitfalls in healthcare Scholarly Practicum Proposal will include the following: • Problem Statement • Two goals • Three behavioral objectives • Teaching strategies may include: o Poster board o PowerPoint presentation o Other visual aids • Action Plan/Evaluation tool methods • Implication for Nursing Practice • 4-6 Evidence Based References Goals must be related to the course objectives and the area of your practicum experience. The objectives should be specific and measurable. The plan of action should include step-by-step process to meet the objectives. The implications for nursing practice should be evidence-based. 6. Scholarly Paper – The practicum project will be a research paper (See rubric). Collaborative agreement of the appropriateness of the topic with faculty, preceptor and student are required prior to initiating the project.

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