Opportunities, Business Models and Strategy

1. Describe, with an objective and critical perspective, the process of customer discovery that you have followed so far for your business/startup/venture. How could this process be/have been improved? How have you struck the balance between direct contact and discussion with prospective customers and using an MVP or other techniques to elicit reactions? (1000 Words)

2. What is your go to market strategy and how have you determined this? (1000 Words)

3. Describe your plan for founding a brand which may become a cultural icon, and explain which steps in this plan have already been implemented. (500 Words)

4. Describe how your value proposition unfolds over time, and what opportunities for differentiation you have generated and/or expect to be able to take as a result. (500 Words) 5. Describe your plan for winning over innovators and early adopters, and explain which steps in this plan have already been implemented. (500 Words) 6. What is your beachhead segment for your prospective business? How have you selected it and using what criteria? (500 Words)

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