ENVS 3200 Assignment 1: What specific Acts, Regulations and/or Bylaws

In no more than 1200 words, please respond to the following tasks and questions.

Find an environmental issue that has been reported on in the media and which has or will likely have a legal component.  It may be a federal, provincial or municipal issue, but must be within Canada.  Include reference to at least two media sources that have covered the issue (headline, date, media name, and reporter name).


Provide a summary of the facts of the situation.  That is, provide a brief narrative account of the issue(s), the parties involved, and the current state of the situation.  Imagine you were asked by an employer who vaguely knows the issue exists to be brought up to speed on what’s going on with it.  Think: who, what, where, when, why.


State who (specifically) the different ‘sides’ to the issue are, and briefly summarize the position or opinion of each of the different ‘sides’.


What specific Acts, Regulations and/or Bylaws might bear on the issue?  Briefly state why so, and indicate whether the laws are federal, provincial or municipal.

Assignment Notes:

The purpose here is to (1) find an environmental issue that is of interest to you, and to review various media sources to gather information about the issue; (2) practice summarizing the ‘story’ of an issue, that is, the facts, the parties involved and the matters at play; and (3) play a bit of a detective role to figure out what acts, regulations and/or bylaws will bear on the issue.

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