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In the final phase of this project, you will implement your performance improvement plan. Also, you will discuss what the success of the performance improvement plan will look like. If you chose a problem in your workplace, be sure to use data from that healthcare organization. If you created a fictitious healthcare organization, you might use a public domain database with instructor permission. As you work on the final part of the assignment, include the following information in your paper.


Success of the Performance Improvement Plan

If this plan is successful, how would the organization monitor financial implications?

How would the current information management systems contribute to the success of your plan?

What current organizational processes will help the plan be successful?

How will the plan be communicated among departments? How will this communication help team members commit to the performance improvement plan?

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If the performance improvement plan is successful, the organization can monitor financial implications through various methods. One way is by tracking the organization’s financial indicators and key performance indicators (KPIs). These indicators can include profit margins, revenue growth, cost savings, and return on investment (ROI). By regularly monitoring these financial metrics, the organization can assess the impact of the performance improvement plan on its financial well-being.

In terms of information management systems, the current systems play a crucial role in the success of the plan. The organization’s information management systems should be capable of generating timely and accurate data related to the areas targeted for improvement. This can include data on patient outcomes, operational efficiency, resource utilization, and financial performance. By leveraging these systems, the organization can track progress, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to support the performance improvement plan.

The success of the plan also depends on the current organizational processes. These processes should be aligned with the goals and objectives of the improvement plan. For example, if the plan aims to enhance patient safety, the organization should have established processes for reporting and addressing patient safety incidents. Additionally, the organization should have processes in place for continuous quality improvement, such as regular audits, performance evaluations, and feedback loops. By integrating the improvement plan into existing processes, the organization can maintain a systematic approach to achieving its goals.

To ensure effective communication and commitment to the performance improvement plan, it is essential to establish a clear communication strategy. The plan should be communicated among departments through various channels, such as meetings, email updates, progress reports, and presentations. The communication should emphasize the benefits and goals of the plan, and how each department’s contribution is integral to its success. By fostering open lines of communication, team members can understand their roles, share insights and concerns, and actively engage in the implementation of the improvement plan.

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