Final: Power Relations in Historical Dance Performance Manifested in Contemporary Media Your Assignment: Part I: Power Point Presentation for Appreciating

Final: Power Relations in Historical Dance Performance Manifested in Contemporary Media

Your Assignment:

Part I: Power Point Presentation for Appreciating Dance

1. On the Internet,
research and select one performance video from
popular culture (mass appeal for what is happening in dance today) for each unit of study
. This may be video clips researched and collected by you and your peers over the duration of this course. Please do not use performances on video selected by the instructor from previous lessons.

2. You will
critique the dance in the videos by
comparing what is happening today in performance to themes reflected throughout Western European dance history.
Focus on one theme from each unit of study and develop it.

Use the guiding questions below to focus your analysis.

· What is the purpose for this performance, and how does it compare to themes in performance from the
assigned readings?

· Take a strong stand examining the complexity of power relations associated with the images in performances noting possible limitations and implications. What do you see in relation to
inequities in performance like culture, social class, social justice, gender, age, or perhaps physicality?

· What traditional
paradigms (existing models or ways of doing things) do you see in the performance? Whose agenda does it serve?

· How do
power relations viewed in today’s media shape how we make meaning of performance events? Who does this impact, and why is it important?

· What competition for leadership or skill is demonstrated in the performance? How does
spectacle serve as a means of empowerment?

· How do you see the participants moving? Do they communicate clear intentions regarding movement qualities such as
time (when), weight (what), space (where), and/or flow (how), and how does this inform the purpose for the performance?

· What
assumptions were possibly made about this performance that changed through further research and investigation? Can you justify these assumptions?

· Who is affected by this performance in our local and global communities? What conclusions can you draw regarding possible
implications or consequences for those viewing the work?

Dance Appreciation Power Point Format

Have fun and be creative with the use of color, sound, and any other design. Select images and font styles to use in this presentation that collectively support your design as a whole.
See student examples of presentations for this final project in the Discussion Board to help inform your work.

Slide #1: Introduction: Create an original title and select an image that reflects the overall tone of the presentation. Include your name and date.

Address the following themes:

Slide #2: The Rise of the Greek Civilization to the Medieval Ages: Political Hierarchies

Slide #3: The Renaissance and the Baroque: Politics of Spectacle

Slide #4: The Romantic Era and Modern Dance: Power Relations between Genders

Slide #5: Post-Modern and Popular Culture: Politics of the Personal

Slide #6: The Collapse of Post-modernism and Recent Developments in Dance

· Create an original title that reflects the theme for each unit of study and open with a thesis statement related to the theme.

· Analyze the performance on video in bullet format with
five to seven fully developed and complete sentences written in formal English. Let the author’s ideas inform your take on the subject.
the text from the assigned readings

by putting it into your own words
. Use direct quotes sparingly.

· The content in each slide should be referenced to an assigned reading with an in-text citation from that particular unit of study. Citations should reference

five different assigned readings from this Dance Appreciation course

· In each slide

imbed an image and a link
to a video clip of a performance from popular culture.

Slide #7: Works Cited: Include a list of works cited in the Modern Language Association format with a

minimum of five entries from assigned readings
. Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly source.

How to create a list of works cited:

MLA Works Cited Page: Basic Format – Purdue OWL® – Purdue University

Submitting your work:

Upload your presentation in a
Power Point format in the Discussion Board forum.

Part II: Peer Critique

a.) Submit a final post in the Discussion Board
responding to the work of two peers. Discuss new-found discoveries and points of interest in relation to the performances in the presentations. You may also share
dissenting points of view that offer
unique insights into the discussion.

b.) This
substantial response should include
two to three paragraphs with
a minimum of five to seven well elaborated sentences and should be written in formal standard English.

c.)  Each response should include an
in-text citation referencing an assigned reading.

Assessment: See the corresponding rubric in the Discussion Board.


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